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Honoring Heritage...
'Of those who embraced and gave of themselves as a matter of course.'


Founded by descendants, the Georg & Agathe Foundation honors the multi-generational heritage of Baron Captain Georg von Trapp and Agathe Gobertina Whitehead. Georg was one of the most decorated Austro-Hungarian naval officers, a submarine pioneer, and World War I hero. His family tree includes military officers, pioneering doctors, engineers, adventurers, and artists. Agathe was a loving mother, dedicated naval wife, and daughter and granddaughter of British engineers John Whitehead and Robert Whitehead—inventor of the torpedo. Her family tree includes ancient European nobility, freedom fighters, engineers, inventors, and artists. Georg and Agathe were also each accomplished musicians. Their children became internationally acclaimed musicians and later were portrayed in the musical and film, The Sound of Music, as the 'von Trapp children'.


Our work is in memory of Georg and Agathes’ extended families historic merits, their legacies in music, art, engineering, humanitarianism, and internationalism in Great Britain, the European continent, the Pacific, America, and beyond.​

Vision, Mission, and Projects

Our hope is to spread some goodness in the world, in memory of Georg and Agathe's goodness and integrity. Our mission is to give-back  and preserve & share history, to honor our family's legacies. Our projects, aligned with our mission, meet one or more of the criteria represented in our logo, to: ​champion music & art, promote connection, and/or archive & educate. We give-back  by selecting and donating to worthy organizations that are making a positive impact in the arts and peace initiatives. As the official resource for historical accuracy on the family, we preserve & share history  by collecting, archiving, and sharing information. One of our key projects is vonTrapp.org, celebrating the von Trapp musicians. Through exploring our family's stories, we hope to inspire you to make a difference, research your own heritage, and discover more about culture and history.​


The foundation is dedicated to all related family branch descendants, living and future, so that they can forever know their roots.

We are a female-led, multi-generational, Dutch nonprofit (kvk-nummer 63503336), with a presence in Europe and the United States.

Learn more about our founders, leadership, and the 'shoulders we stand on'.

Photo: © Georg & Agathe Foundation

ABOUT: Georg & Agathe Foundation

Captain Georg von Trapp and 

Agathe Gobertina Whitehead

 Circa 1910 Zee am See,  Austro-Hungarian Empire

Champion the Arts, Promote Connection, and Archive & Educate

Georg and Agathes' children

1921,  Austria

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