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Robert Whitehead late 1800s
Austro-Hungarian Empire 

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The project collects, archive and preserve information, stories, original documents, etc. related to this extinct navy and seek out opportunities to educate the public. The archive is envisioned to be located at the proposed Whitehead Torpedo Factory & Naval Museum and Whitehead von Trapp Peace Conference Center.

"To the last salute of our flag",  was the last line in Captain Georg von Trapp's 1935 WWI memoir, Biss zu letzten Flaggenschuss  (To the Last Salute). It is in reference to taking down the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Naval flag for the last time at the end of World War I and the end of the Empire he served. On Agathe's side, the Navy also played a large role, as her grandfather, British Engineer, Robert Whitehead, invented the torpedo.

Proposed Imperial Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Naval Materials Archive

Photo: Public Domain

Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal War Navy Archive

Imperial Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Naval Materials Archive
We would like to contribute to the historic memory of as many naval personnel that served in the Austrian Imperial & Austro-Hungarian Navy as possible.  From our understanding, family archives are scattered across the globe as many emigrated from Europe after both world wars. If your grandfather, great uncle or great grandfather served in any capacity during this time in the Austrian Imperial & Austro-Hungarian Navy and you would like to contribute their documents and/or story to our archive, it will enrich the telling of their combined story.

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Photo: Public Domain

Family Roots
The project to collect & preserve the history and documents from the time of the Austro Imperial and Austro-Hungarian Navy has its roots in wanting to honor the men who defended the Adriatic coastline during the time of the Habsburg Empire. We hope our collection will become a further historical archive to tell their story. Georg von Trapp, U-boat captain and WWI veteran, always appreciated and looked out for his crew as their captain. He fought for their recognition alongside his own and felt his greatest naval achievement was not losing a single man that was under his command. To him every sailor and officer were equally important to successfully complete a mission and were part of the larger navy family that looked out for each other. His last deed to remember his comrades was, while in the United States, sending care packages to them and their families after WWII had devasted their lives. Additionally, Agathe's grandfather was British engineer Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo. Robert spent his adult life engineering and innovating, much for the navies of the world. He held close ties to Austro-Hungarian Navy, although he was British, and received a Baron title in 1868 from Emperor Franz Josef I. 

Captain Georg von Trapp circa 1915
Austro-Hungarian Empire 


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