The trilogy series follows three generations of von Trapps and Whiteheads—intertwined by history and personal accomplishments—from the beginning of the industrial revolution in Great Britain to the end of WWI Europe. The legacy and unique contributions of each generation are set against the backdrop of the changes in Great Britain and the Continental European monarchies of the mid 1800’s to 1922. It spans a time of the height of the British Empire to the redrawing of the map of Europe with the fall of both the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires. All three generations were intimately entwined in all three Empires (especially the Austrian ruling Habsburg family) and their industrialization and naval histories. Spanning 100 years and multiple countries, the idea is like a "Downtown Abbey  on the Continent". 

This remarkable story is of a time when the industrial advances of an age of invention and royal patronage partnered to reinvent naval capabilities. It is a time where the height of the European aristocratic system of connections partnered with industrialists to create a modern, forward thinking class, whose inventions changed the world forever. A time where the industrialization of nations held a promise of a better life, before it turned on itself and devastated empires. What makes this story so unique is that for a very short period in Europe the old world and the beginning of the new, collaborated. An interlude, and at the same time the last halcion days of an established order to its world. It is before extreme nationalism tore a Continent apart. A time when diverse nationalities worked, served and lived together under the umbrella and identity of monarchy which is difficult to fathom today. The British and Continental European monarchies of the 1800 and 1900's were, for better or worse, decidedly different than the monarchies that reign today.

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Moment in Time Trilogy...
The foundation is developing an authentic, historical period drama TV series following the lives of three generations of von Trapps and Whiteheads. Spanning 100 years (1823 - 1921) and multiple countries, the idea is like a "Downtown Abbey  on the Continent".

The world had never seen an "industrial revolution" before the 1800's;  so much of our "modern" world and politics has been deeply affected by a time that we know little about. The series goal is to show the progression of the ages that lead to our world today.

"To know where you are, you need to know where you've been."

 -  Anonymous

Three Generations Trilogy Series

Proposed Historical Drama Action TV Trilogy Series

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It's the journey of a young talented inventor and engineer from Great Britain to the European Continent, Robert Whitehead. A father and son, John Whitehead, inventor partnership which took naval defense capabilities with one giant leap into the 20th century and became the premier private manufacturers and supplier of this invention (the torpedo) to the navies of the world. A naval captain, Georg von Trapp, who marries into the family and pioneers as Commander the first viable submarines when they were considered a useless diversion. In between, there is a thread of music/art and it's a love story in each generation, culminating into the early childhoods of the first seven von Trapp children - later portrayed in the musical The Sound of Music. It is also the story of personal integrity, business savvy, honor in service and deep steadfast commitment to family through all the generations. Their combined contribution to naval history deserves to be told, against the backdrop of old Empire. 

Three Generations of Whiteheads and von Trapps

Three Generations: Whitehead & von Trapp: Series I - Robert Whitehead & Marie Johnson; Series II - John Whitehead & Countess Agathe von Breunner; Series III - Georg von Trapp & Agathe Whitehead

Trilogy Series 

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