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Two Families Combined

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 “Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”  - Anonymous

The Foundation embraces and celebrates family descendants from all its branches. There are approximately 150 living descendants from Baron Captain Georg von Trapp and about 100 from Agathe Gobertina Whitehead. But if you step back a few generations, to those that are descended from Georg and Agathe's parents and grandparents, then there are over a 1,000 people connected and if you step back ten generations there are 10,000's with a common ancestor. 

As the Georg & Agathe Foundation's aim is to look backwards to honor Georg and Agathe's heritage, the foundation's project honors all ten von Trapp musicians (seven children by Agathe Gobertina Whitehead, Georg's first wife and three children by Maria Augusta Kutchera, his second wife) and showcases the talents and professions of their descendants. Learn more about the next generations.

Note: Not all descendants wish to be public, please respect their privacy.

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