Music Clef (Sail & Rudder)

​Far from being frivolous, science is proving the arts are fundamental to our wellbeing. It is the wind in humanity's sail, guiding our cultures, and crossing borders.​​​​​

​​​​​​Georg & Agathe FOUNDATION

Anchor (Ship's Body)

Humans are wired for 'connection', an internal anchor that binds us together. Through a sense of connection to history, our family, and overall humanity, we can lead fuller lives.​​​

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​​Stylized Sailing Ship

Archive & Educate

Promote Connection

Champion the Arts

Represents Humanity's Journey

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Project Criteria...

We evaluate which projects the Georg & Agathe Foundation pursues by whether they meet one or more of the criteria represented in our logo, to:

  • Champion the Arts  (Music Clef)
  • Promote Connection  (Anchor)
  • Archive & Educate  (Pen)

​​​​Together they symbolize a stylized sailing ship (sail, ship's body, and crow's nest), representing humanity's journey.​​

​It's important to collect stories, for that which is not written down is forgotten and lost. Knowing our past is illuminating. It helps us understand the present and the insights gained can become a steadying force in our lives.​

Pen (Anchor Bar & Crow's Nest)


Honoring the von Trapp 
​and Whitehead Heritage