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​and Whitehead Heritage



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A Tradition of Service Continues... 
Our projects give-backpreserve & share history, and suggest resources on how to  discover your roots.

Preserve & Share History

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Engineering Genius... 

Archiving the life and times of Robert Whitehead and his hope for peace.

Historic Relevance & Lessons for the Future... Learning from our

past for better decision-making today.

The Family Who Inspired The Sound of Music... Celebrating the von Trapp musicians' 22-year musical career

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How to

Honoring Our Music and Art Legacies...
In celebration of the family's musical and artistic heritage, we support music and art programs that are making a difference.

Its Place in History... 

Remembering the distinguished, extinct 

navy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

We Are All More Connected Then We Think...
The benefits of knowing one's history can truly enrich one's life and often be transformative.

Honoring A Peace Wish...
In celebration of the family's wish for peace, despite their military involvement, we support peace initiatives that are making a difference.


That which is not remembered is lost... Collecting, preserving, and educating on Georg & Agathe's heritage.