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Founded by descendants, the Georg & Agathe Foundation  is a non-profit that honors the multi-generational heritage of Baron Captain Georg von Trapp and Agathe Gobertina Whitehead, parents to the seven von Trapp children portrayed in the musical and film, The Sound of Music.
Our work is in memory of Georg and Agathes' extended families' historic merits and legacies in music, art, innovation, humanitarianism, internationalism, and their wish for peace.

The foundation’s mission is to champion the arts, promote peace, and archive & educate. We focus on having an impact by raising awareness of the importance of music and art in our lives, encouraging solutions towards peace, and highlighting 'that which is not remembered is lost'. Our projects are to give-back, preserve & share history, and suggest resources on how to discover your roots. By exploring our family's stories, we hope to inspire you to incorporate music and art in your life, make a difference in your community, research your own heritage, and discover more about culture and history.

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