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  • May 25-26, 2018: The Georg & Agathe Foundation  will be presenting at the 8th International Conference on Industrial Heritage in Rijeka, Croatia, on proposed historical projects within the Adriatic area.


  • December 2017: Baron Captain Georg von Trapp's World War I memoir, written in German, "Bis zum letzten Flaggenschuß", was translated and published into HungarianThe new publication included a forward by one of Georg & Agathe Foundation's founder,  Johanna II von Trapp.

  • August 2017: Announced the creation of the Georg & Agathe Foundation Peace Initiatives Award. As a way to give back, the foundation, starting in 2018, will select and donate to an existing organization making positive contributions towards peace.

  • August 2017: Announced the creation of the Georg & Agathe Foundation Music and Art Award.  As a way to give back, the foundation, starting in 2018, will select and donate to an existing organization making a positive impact through their music or art programs.

  • July 2017: The Georg & Agathe Foundation  launched the Facebook page for their project vonTrapp.org:  vontrapporg

  • July 2017: The Georg & Agathe Foundation  launched their Facebook page: georgandagathe

  • May 2017: The Georg & Agathe Foundation  launched the website for their project vonTrapp.org: www.vontrapp.org

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