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  • May 2017: The Georg & Agathe Foundation  launched the website for their project


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  • April 2018: The Georg & Agathe Foundation  presented at the European Maritime Heritage Conference  in Portsmouth, England, on the history of the torpedo.

  • May 2018: Founders Shela Gobertina von Trapp and Johanna II von Trapp were featured in, sharing about their family's history in Rijeka, Croatia.


  • October 2019: Award recipients selected for the Georg & Agathe Foundation 2021 The Arts Award  and 2021 Peace Award:  respectively, Musicians without Borders  and CARE International.

  • June 2019: Founders Shela Gobertina von Trapp and Johanna II von Trapp visited the training grounds of the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale, in Leadville, Colorado. (See photo below.) During WWII, two von Trapp sons volunteered to join the first US military division dedicated to mountain warfare.

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  • December 2017: Baron Captain Georg von Trapp's World War I memoir, written in German, "Bis zum letzten Flaggenschuß", was translated and published into Hungarian by Garamond HungariaThe new publication included a forward by one of Georg & Agathe Foundation's founder,  Johanna II von Trapp.

  • June 2015: The Georg & Agathe Foundation  was founded as a Dutch non-profit

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  • December 2016:  As descendants of Robert Whitehead, the foundation attended the 7th International Conference on Industrial Heritage in Rijeka, honoring the 150th anniversary of the invention of the torpedo. Johanna II von Trapp spoke on the family's history and to the meaning and significance of the event including that Robert's intent behind his invention had been a wish for peace.



  • The foundation collected photos, letters, and memorabilia related to the family branches for the archives.

  • Answered correspondence from the public.

  • Monitored media relating to the family branches, addressing inaccuracies when found.



  • May 2018: Founders Shela Gobertina von Trapp and Johanna II von Trapp met with the Major of Rijeka, Croatia to share about their family's history in the Adriatic area.

  • May 2018: The Georg & Agathe Foundation  presented at the 8th International Conference on Industrial Heritage in Rijeka, Croatia, on the family's historical ties to the Adriatic area.

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