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We Are All More Connected Then We Think...
Have you ever wondered where your family tree could lead you? How has world history shaped you? Are you interested in going on a journey of discovery of those whose shoulders you stand on?

As you explore our family's stories, we hope to inspire you to research your own heritage, and discover more about culture and history.​ The Georg & Agathe Foundation encourages others to research their family trees and heritage. Discovering your ancestor's lives and contributions to your extended family tree brings history to life and fosters a deeper understanding of yourself. 

The benefits of knowing one's history can truly enrich one's lives and often be transformative. Below, we've listed a few resources that may be helpful on your journey towards discovering more about your family history.

"You are walking with the DNA of your ancestors... They are not talking to you, but they are walking with you." - Henry Louis Gates, Jr., host of the American PBS TV show, "Finding Your Roots" 

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FamilySearch offers free access to their collection of records and resources to help people learn more about their family tree and  history. 

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National Geographic's GENO DNA Ancestry Kit shows the regional areas of your ancestors' journey from 200,000 years ago to the present. 

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Ancestry hosts the world's largest online collection of family history records, and offers DNA testing.


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