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Photo: Torpedo launch, late 1800s, Fiume, Austro-Hungarian Empire, today Riejka, Croatia

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PRO TORPEDO Rijeka  is a Croatian nonprofit that works to preserve the city of Rijeka's industrial heritage, as well as to create connections between international networks of researchers and history enthusiasts.

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The Dutch Foundation for Industrial Culture  is a Dutch nonprofit that works to promote and preserve industrial heritage and networks within Europe under the leadership of Hildebrand de Boer.

Engineering Genius...
Collecting, preserving, and educating on the life and times of Baron Robert Whitehead and his hope to bring about a lasting peace.

Robert was born in 1823 in Bolton, England. He studied engineering and later with his wife moved to Europe to pursue work opportunities. His adventure took him to settle on the coast of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Assisted by his son John, Robert invented the torpedo in 1866 and established the world's first torpedo factory. In the hopes of creating a mutual world detente with the sale of his torpedos, the family's aim was to help towards global peace, a view held by many at that time. 

Robert was recognized for his achievements by many nations and his tombstone reads, "...His fame in all nations round about."


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