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The Family Who Inspired The Sound of Music... 

vonTrapp.org celebrates the von Trapp musicians. The project collects, archives, and preserves materials related to their 22 year musical career as the Trapp Family Choir and Trapp Family Singers. It also seeks out opportunities to educate the public about their musical place in history.

The vonTrapp.org Archive is in memory of the von Trapp musicians, who inspired the 1959 Broadway play and 1965 Hollywood film, The Sound of Music.  From 1934-1956, they sang in over 2,000 performances, in venues ranging from high school auditoriums to iconic concert halls, bringing joy and comfort to over 3 million people throughout 30 countries. They were famous in their own day, a household name, with the distinction as 'the most booked attraction in U.S. history'.

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